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Posted - 01/10/2012 09:15am
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Hungarian Wood = Puppy Shit and more...


 First tasting of the new year!

Starting the New Year with a bang - this tasting we have a total attendance of seven. A combination of winery owners, vineyard owners, sommeliers, massive point garnering winemakers, tasting room personnel and budding aficionados

Eddie, one of the newbies, to the group that is, works the Westwood tasting room on the Sonoma Plaza and is pursuing becoming a Master Sommelier. He really brought it tonight. It was really interesting listening to Eddie give his reasons why he thought a wine had either age or type of oak or why he leaned towards a certain varietal or another. Tonight was tough though and most of the wines were not guessed, a great variety some eclectic varietals from around the world and some common popular varietals from our own backyard. The latter being the ones that stumped us the most!

…in no way thorough in my note taking, next time I'll do better, promise.

ok,  digging right in…

  1. color: light red, Crimson

nose: aged a bit, licorice, brown baking spices

in the mouth:dry, high alch.14.8, cranberry, raspberry , plum

we thought maybe: 2005 Cinsault, Sonoma County Cab 2008, young Bordeaux, New World Rhone, Rhone varietal due the pepperiness,

the verdict please: Arrowood 2001 Cab Sauv, - available a Wine Library for $34- man we were blown away - the SoCo Cab was closest but most everyone leaned towards a younger wine, 2001, crazy! This wine ages really well and I am stoked, I bought a Magnum of this exact wine at auction, its resting in my cellar now.

2. color: Ruby red 

nose: I can't f*@^ing distinguish aromas! -

DISCLAIMER: ...this was a personal statement, not at all reflective of the rest of the distinguished panel. As a matter of fact let this be a disclaimer for the rest of the my blogs, any less than reputable comments or in general poor taste will most definitely be mine and mine alone. I am pretty much the only uneducated jackass in the bunch, I'm just smart enough to know who to hang out with...

in the mouth: green grassy, super tart, pomegranate,  unsweetened cranberry juice, young               

our Guess: Pinot 2008, 14.5, 2009 Spanish Grenache (garnacha)

ummm: I didnt make note of the brand…Bordeaux 2008, Lauguedoc $16 glen Ellen market - crap, at this point we start thinking new tasting group name, maybe, I dont know, Dead Pallate Tasting Group, seems appropriate. OK we'll blame it on hefty enjoyment over the holidays.


3. color: crimson (boring overused descriptor), visualy old world dirty

nose:super funky nose,

in the mouth:  tart, dry , instead of mouthwatering mouth drying watermelon jolly rancher, bright firm acidity, molasses coffee, cherry, bitter finish, rich dark fruit, tomato beef stew, young unpleasant tannins, cherry cola & ginger star berry jam

guess: Hungarian oak (not soft like French or earthy like American) odd varietal, Chile 2008 or 2009 , Napa 07 Zin, pinotage, 09???, , mediocre Barolo , funky so 2004-5 , Pinot Noir esque, NZ Pinot .        

voila: Zeni Teraoldego Rotaliano 2006 - $27 Valley Wine Shack- OK this was a tough one after all what is that that Varietal anyway? The varietal it turns out is a distant cousin of Syrah. 

Best guesser of the evening, Christian, he is the CEO of the new Moon Mountain Vineyards group (correct name?) was closest with "mediocre Barolo" - Christian was closest with all of the wines this evening.

4. color: deep dark red, the concentration of color makes one think…thick skinned grape (this tidbit came from Eddie)

nose: a hot young thing (back to me on this one)

in the mouth: sweet, no finish, prune, nice tannins, a bit of rs (residual sugar) because it's so fruity it takes away the possibility of older wine, French and American oak a bit of chicory flavor, nice glide in the mouth (due to sugar/glycerine), riper fruit so drink now,

guess: New World California Zin, Zin a bit older 2003,4 or 5, Central Coast Pinot, Cali Rhone blend, GSM Paso Robles  2007                                                                                     

itsa: Talty 2007 DCV Zin $38 at the winery

5. color: crimson, yadayadayada  

nose: stinky funky nose in a good way ,nice tannins, earthy gamey leather, cigar box,really sexy nose     , peppery , 2009 Chateaunuef du Pape, honeycomb cereal, a familiar savory comfort wine, hint of pertrol, loved the finish, not much new oak

guess:,  old world rijoa, Bordeaux, 2001-3 RRV or Petaluma Gap Pinot,  young Burgundy,  "the Gaminess pepperiness made me think Syrah  2005 central coast"  Old World French Pinot                                     

one of the more delicious of the evening: 2007 Joseph Druhin Chorey-les-beaune Pinot $25 Whole Food Market.

6. color: rim variation "awesome f$#%ing food wine" this was actually not my comment, but it translates well, and,  I agree

nose: licorice taffy nose   

in the mouth: leathery, , sugary raisin, molasses, lingering tannins, weight on the pallets, a bit of oak. Italian tomato stewy thing, fresh, warmth 14.5, meat, cassis, leather, sweet, cherry blackberry pie, grilled meat blackberry with maple syrup nose, tobacco leaves, - new world structured wine

guess: Zin, New World 2006 or Italian, 1998 Nebbiolo , 06 Syrah North Coast,  Ca 05 06 Syrah, New World Cab, 2003 GSM Paso Robles

interesting: Masi,  Amorone 2001  originally $60 ish  - classic from the region - I ended up with this wine for the evening, had it with Chicken in a spicy tomato broth, great match. Local winemaker Michael Scorsone spent time in Italy making Amorone, him out over at Adobe Road Winery.

7. color: very light straw color                                                                              

nose: honeyesque, floral 

in the mouth: slight pertrol, nice acidity, oily viscosity, it's ripe, honey peach vanilla 

guess: Rhone white, Viognier Santa Barbara area 2007, Viognier, French Viognier, Rhone White blend, young Pinot Griogio or a New World Chenin Blanc, Italain PG 2009, blend of Chard Semillon Vig, Santa Barbara

ta daNavarro Vineyards, Chenin Blanc, 2009, $13 at the winery

key take aways:

  • spice and peppery without ripe fruit lean towards Rhone varietals
  • Hungarian Oak = puppy shit, I can't remember if that was aroma or taste?
  • rim variation = the greater the color variation the older the wine

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