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Posted - 12/14/2011 10:35am
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Football with Booze

Monday night football

wineblog.jpg...well it was playing in the background but the focus was wine. Ah yes, wine, its creeping into our lives more and more. We can never get enough of a good thing and wine tasting on a Monday night is a very good thing.

I received an invite from my friend Ryan Hays of Kilter Wines, to join him and some other folks for a wine tasting group he was firing up. How could I refuse? Even better the first get together was to take place in the Audelssa tasting room, my first time there. Great looking space & super comfortable located in downtown Glen Ellen complete with a big ass TV and of course a wine bar. We were joined by 2 others this evening Sean Kircher from Orin Swift - you know they have that little label "the Prisoner" - and local winemaker Erich Bradley from Sojourn and Audelssa. Onto the good stuff the wine...

All bottles were brown bagged, not as in we were getting ready to roll down the street with some Thunderbird for for cheap high, but as in a blind tasting. Highly recommended for anyone to do, results are really interesting, its amazing how much a label can bias our opinions.

The premise for this tasting group is to keep our palates sharp & educate ourselves. By means of guessing things like; varietal, vintage (a rough range really), location (Paso Robles, Sonoma, France etc.)
  • Trimbach 2008 Riesling Reserve from Alsace - The nose Petrol and a fruitiness that reminded me of Gewurz & Viognier. I didn't expect the flavor AT ALL I was expecting a fruity more viscous wine. This was super dry and citrusy, a bit like a Satsuma Orange that's currently in season. $19.99 at Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa.
  • Saldo 2010 a red blend mostly Zinfandel - Not a huge jammy California fruit bomb, very young but well balanced with good acidity. Berry notes with rose petal and leather, what a combo! It will be interesting to see what this tastes like given some time. A nice daily drinker. $28
  • Robert Craig 2009 Affinity Mostly Cab - Light oak, dark red fruits nice mouth-feel, hint of something green on the nose. A nice smooth Bordelaise style wine, not too bombastic. Like the Saldo it needs to lay down for awhile to really hit its stride. $52.98 on the Snobby Wine Club
  • Tablas Creek 2005 Tannat - Nose; big prune like aromas, high alcohol, chocolate and mint (reminiscent of Junior Mints), the color is inky dark reminded me of Petite Sirah, this was the toughest one to guess the varietal of, in fact no one did. A big juicy mouthful, ripe tannins and a bit smoky. $40
  • Chateau de Pibaron 2005 Bandol Rouge (mostly Mourvedre ) - A bit of the old world stinkiness on the nose is what I was thinking but more appropriately said: slight Brett on the nose smoky; notes of leather and dark fruit; unctuous texture with significant unresolved tanin on the finish. Hold until 2016. $48 bottle barn.
The Trimbach and the Robert Craig were the most obvious wines of the evening. The Saldo and the Tablas Creek nobody guessed correctly and the Bandol was slightly elusive but Sean got somewhat close. Based on price point and enjoyability the Trimbach was the overall choice of the wines tasted. It drank like a $30 crisp white from the old world. It was my first Trimbach, though I have heard about the brand quite a bit. The Trimbach will most likely end up on my wine list next Spring.

49ers will be the background music at next weeks tasting, until then can anyone help us give the Monday Night Wine Tasting Group a better name?


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