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Posted - 03/21/2011 05:54pm
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Syrah from Sebastopol Vineyards, Shane Wine Cellars, Muscardini Cellars, Glen Lyon Winery

Another great Grapes to Glass

with Chris Sawyer!


We tried 4 Syrahs all from Sonoma County listed below in the order we tasted them, from lighter to bigger and bolder.

All info listed below was the best I could recall from the class after hanging out with Chris at the bar for another 2 hours tasting another 6 wines! Thanks Chris for another great tasting.

Sebastopol Vineyards - 2006, 3 Blocks. Russian River Valley a cool climate Syrah which will show more spices. This was spicy a bit of pepper & slightly citrusy, almost blood orange peel tang. Powerful front, clean finish, nice bright acidity. Good with duck and even BBQ maybe even in an Asian restaurant a dish with a plum sauce. $40ish on the Carneros Bistro wine list. (note sure why but the link takes you to the parent company Dutton Estate with no trace of Sebastopol Vineyards)

Shane - " The Unknown" 2006 Sonoma County. Shane is the assistant winemaker at Kosta Browne. Well balanced, plum nose, citrus and spice with a nice coco rubbed meat or even a charcuterie meat flavor. Tighter dry finish. Complicated with layers of flavors. $65 - He also makes amazing rose!

Muscardini - 2006 Gracie Creek. Michael Muscardini was the celebrity bartender this St. Pats Day. Structure, body & intense. Aromas more concentrated but less revealing. Higher acid than the others. Tight tanins. Definitely more of a food wine, great wine with lamb &olives or maybe venison. Lower in alcohol 14.6. Warmer climate. Licorice and black fruits are very prevelant on the pallette.

Glen Lyon - 2008 $14 a glass or $60 bottle. This Syrah had the most different bottle shape. Fun amazing little winery. Squire Fridell was Ronald McDonald - we joke he has us from cradle to grave, first selling us hamburgers and now wine! However his wine is a seriously high quality Syrah. The estate on borders on Bennett Valley & Sonoma Valley appelations. This is an amazing Syrah that you are lucky enough to get by the glass at the carneros Bistro. Super intense nose, chocolate, toasted nuts and ripe fruits. Big, with high acid. Another great lamb pairing, Squire himself likes it with griled salmon. Call Squire and Suzy for a most memorable experience, you wont be disappointed!

Interesting Syrah tid bits:

  • Bottle shape makes no difference in taste.
  • Sonoma valley is one of the best regions in the US to grow Syrah - Straight from Chris Sawyer who knows this becuase he blind judges many wine competitions and Sonoma Valley Syrahs constantly win!
  • Syrah has a huge range of flavors and styles. It can grow in both Cab and Pinot regions. Whereas Pinot cannot grow well in a Cab region and Cab cannot grow well in a Pinot region

  • Rhone Valley is known for Syrah. St. Patricks Day tie in: In the 9th century the Pope lived in Southern Rhone due to turmoil in Italy.

  • Syrah goes well with most powerful cheeses such as a Domestic Blue

  • Syrah: Originally from Persia.


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Comment posted by James Marshall Berry on 03/22/2011
This looks great, but I couldn't find a date in the article.. when is it?




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