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Posted - 01/08/2011 06:28pm
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Roche 2008 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast with Peruvian Organic Fried Chicken

Mila Chaname-Hahn : ask Mila a question!
Our Version: Peruvian Fried Chicken
-Las Cebollas con Limon y Aji. When we visited Peru this is the one thing that we so loved and remember it as a garnish on tacos and Fried Foods, mainly Fried Chicken.

Thinly sliced Onion, Fresh Lime Juice, Aji (chili) is the most popular spice in Peru and is used in a variety of ways to give food extra flavor. However, if you can't get Aji, we use Fresh Habaneros, we keep some handy at all times in the freezer, grate into the Onions & Lime Juice, then stir and let stand in frig for about an hour. You want the Onions to keep a slightly crunchy texture, goes well with Fried Chicken.

Also, if you haven't used Habaneros, which I think you have, but readers out there, this chili is so spicey, it'll stay on your fingers, so remember to wash up after handling. We've had a few funny accidents in the family mainly with one of our kiddos.

The Fried Chicken breading is Panko - plain & italian seasoning 50/50 ratio - fresh thyme, salt/pepper, i've used other ingredients like paprika, whatever flavors you see fit that will compliment with the cebollas garnish. The liquid base. I don't use buttermilk, the white liquid base you see in the bowl is rice milk, chopped garlic, crushed pepper, olive oil. You can add egg whites to make the crust stick, but I don't. As you can see without egg whites, it has enough crunch with skin and breading. 20 minutes total cooking time - 5 min in high heat, turn over then 15 in medium heat, - keep checking to confirm it doesn't over cook the skin and crust. I then lay them on a parchment paper to let all the oil drop into. Paper towel doesn't quite do it for me, the oil drops into it, the paper get soggy/wet therefore chicken crust gets soggy too.
Last but not least, Salt on top, my favorite is Sea Salt COARSE.
Hope that helps. xoxoxo
happy new years to you and your family!

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