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Posted - 12/24/2010 08:15am
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Wine tasting Domaine Carneros 2006 Brut, Rose and 2007 Pinot Noir with winemaker TJ

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles, bring em on! I gotta tell ya, since I have tasted GOOD bubbles I absolutely go nuts for it. Do you go through wine phases like I do? I started out in the Napa Valley drinking fantastic Bordeaux and then shifted my interests over to Pinot Noir and most recently I am really intrigued by and tasting lots of Champagne. I think most of have heard that for a sparkling wine to legaly be called Champagne it has to come from the Champagne region of France. Even in France they make sparkling wine out of the Champagne region and it cant be called Champagne its called Cremant. But regardless of its name a well made Sparkling wine is fantastic and can be drunk on many occasions not just "special" ones. It used to be only good quality Sparkling wines were quite pricey but no longer. You can purchase many for under $20 that will knock your socks off!!!

Check out this wikipedia link for detail on the subject, a good and interesting read actually.

Domaine Carneros is the US company owned by the great French Champagne house Tattinger. Domaine Carneros farms all of their grapes organicaly and received the CCOF certification in 2008. Now doesnt that feel good! They have been very supportive of us at the Sunflower Caffe and hosted more than one event here. This past summer they were one of our Spotlight Wineries featured in our weekly Spotlight Winery Night.

TJ is the winemaker at Domaine Carneros and let me tell you he is a great guy and does a bang up job.

Thanks TJ and gang!

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